Professional Learning on Twitter

The tail end (sorry!) of my COETAIL journey has been focused on growing my Professional Learning Network, especially on Twitter. One of the most transformational elements of my COETAIL journey experience has been linked to one of the ISTE Standards for Educators. My perception of the usefulness of Twitter changed the more I put into it. And by ‘putting into it’, I don’t mean posting the cool stuff that happens in my classroom. It was more about connecting with others, participating in conversations (synchronous or not), and realizing that behind each handle is an actual person. The same way face-to-face collaboration shouldn’t be a series of ‘one up of what you’re saying’, I posit that Twitter is best utilized as a massive arena-style platform for humble inquiry.

Expanding my use of Twitter

Since my last post, about the role of Twitter, I decided to explore how I could use the social media platform for things beyond ‘sharing’ what goes on in my classroom (is it really ‘sharing’ if you just throw it out there, in a vacuum?).