Expanding my use of Twitter

Since my last post, about the role of Twitter, I decided to explore how I could use the social media platform for things beyond ‘sharing’ what goes on in my classroom (is it really ‘sharing’ if you just throw it out there, in a vacuum?).

Twitter Chats

As I began searching for hashtags to follow on Twitter, I started noticing an unusual form of interacting on Twitter: synchronously. So I began participating in a few #educhats. They’re a wonderful way to make connections and exercise your thinking and empathy skills as you try to understand the views of others. The ones I currently have on my calendar (click on the links to see the latest posts and find out when the next one is happening).

#ISEdCoach : the chat that I think stands for International School Educational Coaches seems to happen biweekly on Tuesday’s at 2 PM IST.

#BmoreEDChat : I am not sure if this one stands for something or if it’s just about being more “Ed”. πŸ˜‚ Great synchronous chat on Thursdays 8 AM IST.

#SATChat : I first thought this was a chat about the US’s favorite standardized test, but it just happens to take place on a Satiurday (7:30 PM IST).

#CrazyPLN : it’s hard to find the goal or mission for some of these chats, probably because of the open-source, nobody-is-the-owner nature of these chats. This is also a good general education one on Saturdays 9 PM IST.

#LeadUpChat : focused on leadership, happens on Saturday (because leaders don’t have weekends). Every week at 9:30 PM IST.

#LeadLaP : this is one of my favorites, also related to leadership. It’s run by Beth Houf and Shelley Burgess, co-authors of Lead Like a Pirate. Saturdays 10:30 PM IST.

What happens inside my head, not just inside my classroom

As I come across articles, readings, TEDTalks, or whatever else I may be doing to distract me from the pile of lab reports I have to grade, Twitter gives me a chance to share my reactions and thoughts even before they manifest themselves in my teaching. It is also a great way to harness feedback and perspectives before ideas see the light of day.

More than a teacher

Besides being a teacher, I wear other hats. Workshop leader, aspiring leader, person, thinker…. it’s wonderful to have an outlet for some things that may not beΒ directly connected to the biggest hat I wear.

Growing a #PLN and building relationships

With more interactions on chats, particularly, it’s possible to connect with colleagues past, present and future. It’s one way of establish and nurture relationships — even as you’re no longer working at the same school.Β  It’s also an important tool for giving shoutouts to people that you want to recognize publicly.Β 

And… to have a little fun!