ISTE Standards for Educators – A Virtual Crash Course

Inspired by Stanford dSchool‘s (retired?) Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking, our group decided to recreate the experience using the Citizen Standard of the ISTE Standards for Educators.

The goal was to create a 4x 30-minute professional development experience in which teachers refined, in their school context, processes and educational activities that improved the ability of students to contribute positively and responsibly in the digital world. We also wanted our product to be deliverable by anyone, with minimum setup and preparation.

We wanted the experience to be meaningful to teachers of all divisions. As such, we assembled a team with teachers experienced in primary, middle and high school.

Like most effective teams, I was happy that we seemed to build trust quickly — even though our collaboration was entirely done online. I was also thrilled that we were able to organize our thoughts into a shared document, so there is a thorough record of our thinking through the process, and not just the final product.

A (small) challenge was the timezone difference, which was easy to overcome once we identified reasonable times for everyone. A more significant challenge for me was keeping up with the weekly readings and posts while working on this project as well.

I suggested a professional development session because of my recent experiences in delivering this type of training to faculty at NIS — mostly around Design Thinking tools. I enjoy working with adults in that type of setting, and thankful to the team for indulging me.

The question that remains is: should we continue the Virtual Crash Course series with the other 6 standards?

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